Director’s Message – October 2014

-1Dear Friends,

Many exciting events took place during the summer months of 2014 at the International Art Museum of America (IAMA)!

We launched our first semi-annual Treasure Room viewing for San Franciscans in August. The participating patrons remarked that the viewing of the treasures was way beyond their expectations. IAMA also offers a free guided tour of the general collections on every second Sunday of each month at 1:30 p.m.

On July 16, IAMA celebrated with our 10,000th visitors of 2014. We enjoyed jubilant spirit of goodwill and love. In September, we delightfully escorted residents of Jewish Home of San Francisco led by Ms. Mediatrix Valera, who is the Recreational Programs Director, and members of the Bay Area Museum Club on guided tours. Free tours of any size have been and may be scheduled by appointments.

IAMA is working with St. Anthony Immaculate Conception Catholic School to prepare for an upcoming field trip for Fifth Graders. We have prepared activities and worksheets based on the California Public School Curriculum Standards on Visual Arts. We are excited to reach out to public and private schools to contribute to art education in San Francisco, in addition to serving local visitors and tourists from around the world.

By the end of September, the International Art Museum of America has served 19,892 visitors in 2014. IAMA staff and I would like to thank all of the visitors, partners, and supporters who have been helping to make IAMA on Market Street a unique attraction of art and peace.

Take care,

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